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We bring people searching online for your product or service to your website. Advertise on search engines starting at just $300 per month.


Google AdWords | Search Engine Optimisation


We turn your paid advertising into lead generation. By lead generation we mean your phone ringing or contact form completions on your website.


Lead Packs

“We’ve had to pause our campaign because of the huge response, we need to catch up”

DMW Trailers
Brad Dutton, Sales & Marketing Manager

“We know with Saturn6 exactly how many leads are generated with our AdWords campaign. Rather than a cost this is an investment”

Seatbelts 4 U
Stephen Cropp, Owner

“Our AdWords campaign is responsible for 44% of our traffic. We are forward booked 6 months at max capacity”

CS Roofing Southland
Vicki Templeton, Business Manager

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Working Capital Solutions

  • Cost per lead NZD*

*Cost per lead figures include Google AdWords media spend and Google AdWords management fee.

This is what end to end performance looks like

Products: Google AdWords & PPC Lead Packs

With Working Capital Solutions the goal was to produce quality leads, and refine the lead process. We tracked from ad click all the way to phone call or website contact form. We used this pipeline and conversion data to improve the campaign. In simple terms do more of what is working and cut out what isn’t.

The result: In the first 8 weeks we’ve consistently lowered the amount of advertising spend required to make the phone ring or generate contact on their website.

Are you interested in having your advertising dollar work harder?